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Every woman is welcome at The Birth Place, we strive to meet your needs and will work with you to help you develop a plan of care which will be perfect for you and your family. We offer prenatal care with birth center delivery or the option to deliver at the hospital, as well as postpartum care and breastfeeding support.  The Birth Place also provides quality, affordable women’s health care for female health consultations, breast/pelvic exam and pap smears, including breast thermography and saliva testing services for hormonal diagnosis of perimenopausal symptoms. Click here to see why birth centers are an excellent choice for healthy pregnant women  - Transforming Maternity Care  and Better Outcomes, Less Cost. We are members of the American Association of Birth Centers, the National Association of Birth Centers of Color, and the American Pregnancy Association. About The Birth Place
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The-Birth-PlaceIf you are looking for patient-centered care by women who understand a woman’s needs in pregnancy and birth without compromising good medical care, then a birth center is an excellent choice for a healthy pregnant woman. Our center offers a choice of midwifery prenatal care with birth center delivery or  midwifery prenatal care with physician delivery at the hospital.  Our midwives follow the best evidenced-based protocols and collaborate fully with our extensive network of obstetrician, pediatrician and perinatal community partners. We want the best for you and your baby! Click here to see The Birth Place Orientation Powerpoint 2014 We also offer the following services to meet the unique needs of our community.

  • Central Florida’s premiere and most experienced water birth  and natural birth service, developed by Jennie Joseph since 1995.
  • The Easy Access Clinic  – our prenatal and postpartum care clinic – where no one is ever turned away
  • The Birth Place Espanol – an Easy Access Clinic for the  Spanish-speaking community. Nobody will be turned away, regardless of ability to pay, citizenship or insurance status .

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The Birth Place Team has YOU as their focus. We love our work, we love our families and we especially love our babies! A friendly smile will greet you every time as we take care of your needs, answer your questions and help you prepare for the birth of your baby.

The Birth Place Executive Team

483560_5001769730831_1194177750_nJennie Joseph, LM, CPM – Executive Director, Clinical Director, Master Midwife  Founder of The JJ Way® Jennie believes in women! Her personal mission is to be the NEW approach to women’s wellness by providing inspiration, education, empowerment and support as a means to optimal health and by ensuring that all women have healthcare answers that they can understand. She endeavors to support the systems changes that will be integral to this NEW approach and to be the source for information and training regarding such changes. Jennie’s CV  reflects her years of experience in the field of midwifery, maternal child health, social justice and public health spanning two continents and three decades.



Shaleana Eubanks-Worlds 001

Shaleana Eubank-Worlds MS, PhDc  Assistant Executive Director Shaleana Eubanks-Worlds, an avid women and children’s advocate for healthcare, has spent most of her professional career and personal endeavors attending to the needs of the Orlando community. For over 14 years, she has consistently provided leadership in the areas of health equity; community health and prevention education; teen pregnancy prevention and support services; and consumer health advocacy. In addition, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in non-profit management and program development. She is an ardent learner as she holds multiple degrees in Business Management, Counseling and Psychology, and is a PhD candidate majoring in Psychology with a minor in Industrial Organizational Psychology. Her motto: “I am here to serve!” Shaleana’s CV   demonstrates her vast experience in the maternal child health, public health, education and the non-profit arena.


lizette Lizette Rosado – Bilingual Receptionist


The Birth Place Midwifery Team

Kendra & SelahKendra Ippel, LM, CPM – Lead Midwife

Kendra is a Certified Professional Midwife and a Licensed Midwife in the State of Florida. She received her Master of Science in Midwifery in 2011 and completed her clinical training under Jennie Joseph at The Birth Place. Her background is in Biology, and she has work experience in education and social services. Her career and her passions have brought her to several countries in which she has had the opportunity to learn first-hand about education, cultures and maternal health in different areas of the world. Kendra is a valued faculty member of Commonsense Childbirth School of Midwifery and acts as a thesis advisor for graduate students at the Midwives College of Utah. She moved to Orlando from British Columbia, Canada in 2006 with her husband. Her two small children (ages 4 and 3) keep her very busy on the days she is away from The Birth Place. Kendra enjoys reading fiction, trying new recipes, and exploring the outdoors with her family.

Josefina Saraf Josefina Saraf – Midwife Josefina is a 30 year old, native of Chile. She graduated with her 5-year nurse midwifery degree from the Univeristy of Frontera in 2007. Josefina worked as a nurse midwife in her native country of Chile for 5 years at the Health Department. While there she provided prenatal care, birth control and GYN services as well as counseling women on  sexual and reproductive health issues. She arrived in the US in December 2008 to study English. While here she met her future husband, Gavriel, and in May 2012 she came back to the US to get married and start her new life in America. She is now a Florida Licensed Midwife and a tremendous asset to the clinical team. Josefina has a big heart and when you meet her you will see why she is so loved by everyone!



mary headshot cropMary Foster, CNM – Certified Nurse Midwife





The Birth Place Clinical Care Team

Katrina 2014

Katrina Nelson RMA – Clinical Office Manager, Medical Assistant Katrina has been a member of our team for the past 10 years. Katrina has been married for 14 years and took an interest in natural childbirth after delivering her son, Eddie, who is now 14 years old. In her spare time, she enjoys shopping, spending time with family and friends, and running around as team mom for her son’s football and basketball teams. Katrina has had a number of years of experience in Pediatrics and Labor and Delivery. Small yet powerful, she keeps The Birth Place running smoothly, safely, and efficiently!



alexis headshotAlexis Alexander, Unit Secretary, Medical Assistant





The Birth Place Education Team

Kathy BradleyKathy Bradley, ICCE, CD, IBCLC  – Director of Perinatal Education  Childbirth Educator, Doula, Lactation Consultant . Kathy brings more than 25 years of working with expectant families and training health professionals. She has an extensive back ground in working in hospital and birth centers and has trained hundreds of familes and professionals in her career. She is a mother of 5 and has 3 grandsons.




 Our Hospital Affiliations

Our high-risk patients are referred to Florida Hospital & Winnie Palmer Hospital for consultation. We pride ourselves on a smooth and speedy transfer to the hospital if any unusual situation develops during your pregnancy or birth. We have strong relationships with our supporting hospitals and we provide continuity of care where necessary in collaboration with our community partners. As always, your safest care and healthiest outcome comes first.

The Birth Place is Located at 213 S. Dillard Street  Suite 340  Winter Garden, FL 34787

The Birth Place

213 S. Dillard Street Suite 340
Winter Garden, Florida 34787
Phone: 407-656-6938
Don’t let distance stand in the way, we have taken care of patients who lived as far away as South Florida, Georgia, and have even flown in from as far as Dubai, Nigeria and Cameroon to have their baby with us.
Andrea wrote: There’s nothing not to like about this place! All of the staff are so sweet and helpful & Jennie is the most compassionate person I’ve ever met. No matter how busy she is, even if she’s been up all night with a birth, she still manages to make sure everybody is well taken care of & leaves her office feeling safe and important. I’m pretty sure Jennie Joseph is a super hero.

Cathleen wrote: The Birth Place is a quiet, relaxing, safe and caring environment – what better place to give birth!

Temperance wrote: Jennie is knowledgeable, loving, and encouraging. I couldn’t have asked for more from a midwife. Irma wrote: Es una excelente clínica ami durante el tiempo que estuve me atendieron muy bien se lod agradezco:-) Tracy wrote: “Jennie is one of the most hardworking, compassionate and educated people I know. Such a humanitarian; right up there with Mother Theresa! She is passionate about her ever dying craft and will fight to keep Natural Child birth alive!” Through her expertise combined with her kind, skillful hands; surely she has touched the lives of so many who thought, perhaps there was no hope in this political world of medicine. I know that many a family hold a special place their hearts for Jennie and her staff. Jennie is a one of the only remaining examples of someone who truly does what she does for the love of it! I say “Let’s have Babies the way it was supposed to be”.

Yilda wrote: The best place to be during childbirth :-)

Nicole wrote: “We have had four healthy, beautiful babies with Jennie at our side.” Jennie’s program gives pregnancy a whole new meaning. With all of the ups and downs of pregnancy Jennie is one of the best things about the experience of being pregnant and caring for our unborn child. Our family has discussed moving out of state on a number of occasions and the one drawback remains having to leave our dear midwife, Jennie, who is really regarded as an extension of our family. You will quickly learn that one of Jennie’s priorities is to treat pregnancy as the wonderful family event it is and she has earned our children’s adoration for that. We have had three healthy, beautiful babies with Jennie at our side and our last one weighed in at an amazing 9 lbs 3oz!!! Anyone blessed enough to be a patient of The Birth Place is sure to reap the rewards! Tara wrote: If I ever have another child I am going straight to Jenny and Kendra! Karen  wrote:”Our experience at the Birth Place was phenomenal. Everything went so smoothly and beautifully, it almost makes us want to have another baby!” We have three boys already and have decided that we’ve had enough children, but our experience at the Birth Place was just that wonderful. Our labor started around 5:00 p.m. and our son was born at 8:15 p.m. Everyone supported us, encouraged, prayed, meditated, and finally blessed the welcoming of our baby. It was nothing like the experience in the hospital which was very clinical, cold, and antiseptic. The physician “took over” the birth and the nurse almost insisted that we get the epidural. The hospital experience made us feel as if we were not even a part of the birth of our first son. At the Birth Place, we were treated like family and given total control of how we wanted it to go. I could not have had a better, more relaxed birth. We are still thanking Jennie and her staff for their love and care. Christian wrote:”I would never have my babies anywhere but The Birth Place”. I recently had my first baby at The Birth Place. I really didn’t know what to expect but Jennie really took control and made everything go so smoothly. She was calm, professional, and such a blessing to all of us. The Birth Place is such a calm setting and the perfect place to bring a new little one into the world. I can’t imagine having my future babies anywhere else. Erica wrote: Best place to be to give birth and very relaxing! I love Jennie Joseph and her team! Jeanna wrote: I labored long and hard here 14 hours despite the end result C section, I appreciated the excellent care and support! Vantrice  wrote : My family & I felt right @ home from the moment we walked in. Everyone knows my name which is a huge difference from my visits to the obstetrician w/ my past 4 pregnancies. I’m comfy @ every visit & expecting to deliver our 5th baby anyday now. Jenny & her staff are the best!! Casthra wrote: when it comes time to have a baby, there’s nothing better than having a team of people who have your back and who you can count on. The Birth place don’t see you as just another patient, they make you feel like family. For more testimonials click here

Click here to see The Birth Place Orientation  (takes a few seconds to load) which answers many questions about care at The Birth Place. Am I safe in a birth center? For a healthy pregnant woman, yes a birth center delivery is safe.  There are certain health issues that risk a women out of delivering in a birth center, your midwife will go over that with you on your first visit and an individualized plan of care for a safe pregnancy and delivery will be carefully developed. What if I have to go to the hospital? Sometimes occasions arise during labor where it is necessary for you to finish the delivery at the hospital. In these cases we prepare you for the transfer, travel with you via ambulance, monitor you and your baby en route and continue bedside support until you are delivered. We liaise with the hospital staff and medical team, share the medical records and reports, and assist the nurses and physicians in keeping as close to your birth plan as possible.  Essentially, even in the case of a transfer during labor, your Birth Place team is right there with you. Do you offer pain medication at the birth place? Pain medication is not offered at The Birth Place as it increases the risk for mom and baby. We use other comfort measures such as hydrotherapy (water birth, showers), aromatherapy, music, massage, position changes, birthing ball and birthing stools as needed.  Women have been giving birth without pain medication from the beginning of time and with the correct level of planning and support a natural, un-medicated, low-intervention experience is achievable and most often the gentlest way to bring your baby into the world. Can I have as many people in the room as I want? Yes, we encourage family-centered care, however there may be times that some guests may be asked to step out as we take care of medical concerns and can come back in as soon as possible. Can I film my birth? Absolutely! We want you to be able to capture the moments of one of the most beautiful experiences of your life. To learn more about birth centers visit the American Association of Birth Centers site or American Pregnancy
  We are open for office hours Monday – Thursday 8:30-4:30, closed for lunch between 12- 1pm and open 24 hours for labor and delivery. We encourage all our Birth Place clients to be in touch with us whenever there is a need – no question is ever a bother. We work hard to ensure that you never have to worry or wonder what to do – we are here to work as a TEAM for your best pregnancy experience, always. You may email us individually or at anytime through this web form.  Also you can reach us by phone at 407 656 6938. Please bear with us as the lines can sometimes be quite busy. We strive to answer every call in person but if you do reach the voicemail please do leave a message and we will quickly respond to your call. For emergencies we are available 24 hours via the nurse emergency line 407 463 6660 or  midwife emergency line 321 228 7536 

You can reach us at 407-656-6938 or feel to fill out the form below.

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Cuarto_de_Parto_2 blue room Delivering at The Birth Place – Birth Center

ServicesWater BirthChildbirth ClassesDoula ServicesBreastfeeding HelpAppointments and TourPayment OptionsPhotos
Birth Center Birth. A birthing center birth offers you the ultimate midwifery birthing experience. A safe, natural, evidence based care approach to your delivery, coupled with personalized attention and support. Healthy women, experiencing healthy pregnancies are encouraged to use our birthing options such as birthing balls, birthing stool, squatting and other positions for delivery and of course water birth to enhance their experience. Family involvement is always welcomed and encouraged. You are part of the decision making process with a full understanding of what is happening at all times. The avoidance of interventions keep your chances of a cesarean delivery to a minimum. Our OB backup and hospital transfer arrangements ensure safe care for every woman. We encourage you to research the benefits of natural birth, there are many resources available.

Our Birth Assistants… are dedicated women who have committed to being at your birth in order to help you achieve the birth of your dreams. Typically they will come to the Birth Center during the second half of your labor to assist the midwife and to support you and your family through the birth. After your baby is born your birth assistant will be focused on helping you transition into motherhood by assisting with breastfeeding, keeping you comfortable and watching you and your baby closely through your postpartum recovery. Our birth assistants are caring, sensitive and knowledgeable and understand the type of birth experience you are looking for.    

The Birth Place has a birthing pool and a roomy, walk-in shower in each birthing suite to accommodate you and your family during your labor experience. We have found the use of water or hydrotherapy to be of tremendous value during labor and delivery. Jennie has been utilizing hydrotherapy for 20 years in her midwifery practice and trains all of our midwives in the art of water birth. Whether you are looking for a reliable method of pain relief for labor or are considering delivering in the water, you have the use of our birthing pools at your disposal. Our spa-like water birth rooms and open-access showers are set up to support your ultimate labor experience. For more information about water births, please visit: Water Birth International Water Birth Information Water Birth Stories
Pre-register for your birth at The Birth Place. This is a mandatory class to pre- register you for your birth at The Birth Place and to review and complete all state-required information and paperwork, such as birth certificate worksheets, prior to delivery. Due before you reach 36 weeks of pregnancy this short course covers everything you need to have ready for your birth center birth – please see a staff member for more details. There is no fee. For more information and class schedules please visit Contact Kathy at:321- 213-1112 or As a full service birth center we want to make sure you are prepared for your baby’s birth.  Although it is not mandatory, we highly encourage first time parents to attend our childbirth class, and seasoned parents to take a refresher class. gkatWe work directly with Childbirth Concierge owner Kathy Bradley, CD, ICCE, IBCLC to provide our education in house.  She brings over 25 years of teaching experience and as a mother of five children, Kathy knows what she is talking about. The Birth Place 101 $15 a one hour class highly encouraged for those delivering in our center.  It covers  what to bring, when to call the midwives,  understanding and monitoring your baby’s temperature and respiration, understanding danger signs in mom and baby once home, understanding Vitamin K and eye prophylactics, and PKU for baby and more. Full Childbirth Education Series ($175) is a 10 hr class that takes you through discomforts of pregnancy, stages of labor, comfort measures, birth positions, labor support, and postpartum care to mention a few. All first time moms should take this class. This class includes access to web-based childbirth support and education, and includes the breastfeeding class. Condensed Childbirth Class ($50) is a 3 hr (one night only) class and is the perfect class for those delivering in a birth center for the first time  or even as a refresher class. Private Childbirth Class ($95-180) accommodates those who prefer one on one instruction or who’s schedule is unique. This includes access to web-based childbirth support education. Breastfeeding Class ($35) learn how to avoid common problems, how to tell that baby is getting enough, correct positioning, pumping and storing milk, returning to work and lots more. CPR/AED for Adult and Infant $35 is offered 3 times a year. For more information and class schedules please visit Contact Kathy at:321- 213-1112 or

Giving birth with a Doula is SMART.

connections-15The latest research shows that women who work with doulas have better birth outcomes. We support doula care at The Birth Place and encourage you to consider working with a trained labor support person.  The doula generally provides phone support in early labor and joins the couple when active labor starts and stays until after the baby is breastfeeding and recovery is going well. Insurance companies are slowly beginning to reimburse Doula Care, and some mothers find that their flex-spend accounts will pay for it.  Starting fees for a certified doula range between $495 and $800. Kathy Bradley with Childbirth Concierge can help you find a doula that is the right fit for you. Contact Kathy at: 321-213-1112 or Student/Intern Doulas from our Midwifery School are sometimes available based on need and income level. Student Doula Fees are very reasonable and reduce down on a sliding scale. Placenta Encapsulation  ($200 – $250) Benefits include balancing hormone levels, increases energy and iron levels, decreases anxiety, increases milk supply.  Fee includes placenta pick and delivery. Contact Kathy at: 321-213-1112 or 

Breastfeeding Support -Breastfeeding Recognizing that early assistance with breastfeeding challenges makes a world of difference for mom and baby, Kathy Bradley our  Board Certified Lactation Consultant on staff, as well as our student lactation educators, are available and only a phone call away. For excellent online breastfeeding information we recommend For information on breastfeeding and returning to work and what the law provides for click here. At breastAs of January 2013 insurance companies have been federally mandated to reimburse lactation consults and provide pumping equipment.  Please check with your insurance company to see what they provide.  Consultations with a board certified lactation consultant range from $75-$140 per visit and a superbill is provided to submit to your insurance company. Contact Kathy at: 321-213-1112 or  
We would love for you to book a complimentary tour of The Birth Place.

Call 407-656-6938 or email to make an appointment for your obligation free,  personalized tour.

If you would like to provide us with your insurance information prior to your tour appointment we will also be able to verify and determine your coverage and your out of pocket costs, if any. During your tour you will meet some of our staff, see our beautiful building and explore the birth rooms. Please be mindful that at times we may have a mom in labor and need to reschedule your appointment. Once you have decided that The Birth Place is the place for you, your first official appointment will be made.  We generally can book your appointment within the upcoming week.

Please call 407-656-6938 or email to make an appointment to start your care with The Birth Place.

The Birth Place Payment Options

Studies have shown that it is more cost effective and with better outcomes when women choose midwifery care and deliver in a birth center. Payments  and insurance co-payments are due at time of service. Our patients’ wellness is our first priority. We want to be sure you receive your care, therefore we offer customized package prices and accept insurance and Medicaid for maternity care. Please let us know if you have any specific concerns about financial issues – we are here to help!

Call 407 656 6938 for information on our prices today.

All packages, co-payments and deductibles are to be paid in full by the 36th week of pregnancy to ensure continuation of service. Health Plans Accepted For Maternity Care:

Medicaid Medicaid HMO Blue Cross Aetna Cigna Health Choice We accept cash, checks, major credit cards (not American Express).
Delivering at The Hospital with Midwifery Prenatal Care
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Best of Both Worlds Many years ago women began coming to Jennie for personalized midwifery care but risked-out for a birth center delivery, or desired access to pain medications and chose to deliver in the hospital.  Realizing there was a huge need, Jennie created relationships with area obstetricians partnering with them to deliver her patients in the hospital.  Since then our midwifery team has grown and our clinic is renowned for providing excellent maternity care. This service is unique to The Birth Place and  allows the benefits of midwifery model care during the prenatal and postpartum periods while creating smooth and coordinated access to our collaborating hospital teams for your delivery. Your package includes the service of one of doulas for your planned hospital birth.

Onsite Services with a Hospital Delivery Choice
  • Prenatal and Postpartum visits
  • Childbirth Concierge Services
  • Lactation Consultations
  • Childbirth Education Classes
  • Breastfeeding Classes
  • Doula Services -
  • Placenta Encapsulation – including hospital pick up of placenta
NO ONE IS TURNED AWAY! Prenatal care is critical for the health and well being of mom and baby. In a time where costs are rising and insurance hard to acquire our Easy Access Clinic is a proven solution. We provide additional help with applying for Medicaid for pregnant women. Regardless of ability to pay, pending insurance, citizenship or crisis we will support you … “because every woman deserves a healthy baby”. The Birth Place is home to the original Easy Access Prenatal Care Clinic and is located in Winter Garden, Florida.  All Easy Access clinics operate under The JJ Way® Maternal Child Health (MCH) health care system developed by midwife Jennie Joseph, LM, CPM.

Education-1An Easy Access Prenatal Care Clinic Provides:

First trimester “access” to prenatal care and continuity of care, as well as postpartum services regardless of ability to pay. An extended educational and social support service program – childbirth preparation; breastfeeding, parenting, nutrition, preconception and inter conception education; counseling services; mentoring; support groups, and other social services. Additional services are available for the father of the baby as well.

What are the main objectives of an Easy Access Clinic?

To increase the number of women who receive access to timely maternity health care to provide practical, social, educational support, resources and referrals as a means to improving the chances for a positive pregnancy outcome.

Why is an Easy Access Clinic needed in our Community?

The current ‘OB Crisis’ in Central Florida is due to the shortage of providers, resources and safety-net services and has compounded a situation which has been steadily spinning out of control. Local health clinics are operating at capacity, making it difficult to get an appointment, or have closed down. The continual barriers that pregnant women face are once again impacting their health and the health of their unborn babies thus increasing health care and educational costs. The health care cost of caring for a preterm or low-birth weight infant in its first year of life is estimated to be about $51,600 versus a full-term infant at $2,830 (according to March of Dimes)

Does the JJ Way® Easy Access Clinic really makes a difference?

ABSOLUTELY! The JJ Way® Easy Access Clinic is proactive in its approach to care therefore it is cost-effective in the long run. A 2007 study conducted by the Winter Park Health Foundation and the Health Council of East Central Florida on 100 women receiving care revealed that there were no low birth weight or premature infants born to African American or Latina women who participated in the Easy Access program.

Bienvenidos           In English

The Birth Place en espanol es un servicio exclusivo de Maternidad y Cuidado de Salud para cada mujer. Nos esforzamos por crear una experiencia de cuidado dedicada a entregar soporte e informacion dentro de una atmosfera relajada, amigable y professional. The Birth Place nace desde la necesidad de contar con servicios prenatales de calidad en el area metropolitana de Orlando. Jennie Joseph ha asistido partos a domicilio desde el ano 1995 en el estado de La Florida. Dado al crecimiento de su practica domiciliaria se fundo un Centro de Partos enfocado en la entrega de cuidado prenatal de calidad y bajo costo, promoviendo seguridad y comodidad para cada mujer embarazada y su familia. Hoy en dia, The Birth place en espanol cuenta con Midwives de habla hispana en cada visitas, asegurando una atencion propicia y en espanol. Nadie sera rechazado! Para mas informacion llama

Prenatal/Postpartum Care At The Birth Place ‘Easy Access Clinic’

New patients for our Easy Access Clinic  are  seen on Mondays, with regular follow-up prenatal and postpartum appointments on Tuesdays. All care is available at the center and all labor and deliveries take place at Winnie Palmer Hospital, Orlando. The Birth Place Espanol is our Spanish language clinic held on Wednesday mornings. Please call 407-656-6938 or email to make an appointment to start your care with The Birth Place.

Payment Options

Our patients’ wellness is our first priority. We want to be sure you receive your care, therefore we offer reduced prenatal-care-only, self-pay lab package prices and accept insurance and Medicaid for all eligible maternity care and lab work. If you remain uninsured after an attempt to apply for Medicaid our pay-per-visit sliding scale fees are very affordable. It will be your responsibility to check on the cost to deliver at the hospital. We accept all insurance listed below:

Health Plans Accepted For Maternity Care

Medicaid HMO
Blue Cross
Health Choice

We accept cash, checks, major credit cards.

You can reach us at 407-656-6938 or feel to fill out the form below.

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The Birth Place Connects Through EmpowEHR™ Patients centered care with EHRWe are proud to announce the launch of EmpowEHR™ our unique electronic health record (EHR) and patient portal developed by Jennie Joseph and her UK-based development team for use in the maternal child health care arena allowing the application of her specifically developed JJ Way® protocols for the safest care for pregnant women and their babies.  We have a patient portal through which patients can be linked via smartphone, tablet or computer to access their health records, and their latest test results. With EmpowEHR™ patients can send and receive SMS text messages, alerts, links and appointments directly to and from the team. EmpowEHR™ is the ultimate empowerment tool for pregnant women – helping you stay connected, safe and secure – we are never more than one-click away! Patient education programs play an important role to support new moms as they prepare for birth and the care of their new baby. These programs are also an integral component of the maternity care system as they provide expectant parents with the basic information they will need to make appropriate informed choices about options for their care during pregnancy, labor and birth. To receive your temporary password and details on how to sign in please call 407 656 6938 during business hours or email