The Birth Place is home to the original Easy Access Prenatal Care Clinic and is located in Winter Garden, Florida. Since then other satellite clinics have been established in Central Florida. All Easy Access clinics operate under The JJ Way® Maternal Child Health (MCH) health care system developed by midwife Jennie Joseph, LM, CPM. Channel 6 News, Easy Access Clinic at The Birth Place, Florida, Jennie Joseph, Midwife


NO ONE IS TURNED AWAY! Prenatal care is critical for the health and wellbeing of mom and baby. In a time where costs are rising and maternity insurance hard to acquire, our Easy Access Clinic is a proven solution. We also provide additional help with applying for Medicaid and health navigation services for pregnant women.

Our message of hope to pregnant women is necessary because of the rising maternal morbidity and mortality rates in the USA which put women and babies at-risk, many of whom are uninsured, under-insured and denied health care.

Regardless of ability to pay, pending insurance, citizenship or crisis we will support you … “because every woman deserves a healthy baby”.


Prenatal Clinic
Prenatal Care at the Easy Access Clinic

An Easy Access Prenatal Care Clinic Provides:

  • First trimester “access” to prenatal care and continuity of care, or late-entry to prenatal care, as well as postpartum services regardless of ability to pay*
  • An extended educational and social support service program- childbirth preparation, breastfeeding, parenting, nutrition, preconception and interconception education, counseling services, mentoring, support groups, and other social services. (Additional services are available for the father of the baby as well)

* However, the clinic does accept most insurance including Medicaid and temporary Medicaid.


What are the main objectives of an Easy Access Clinic?

  • To increase the number of women who receive access to timely prenatal and maternity health care
  • To provide practical, social, educational support, resources and referrals as a means to improving the chances for a positive pregnancy outcome

Why is an Easy Access Clinic needed in our Community?

Midwife Jennie Joseph and Medical Assistant Katrina Nelson
Clinical Team Members – Jennie and Katrina provide a warm welcome at the Easy Access Clinic

The ongoing ‘OB Crisis’ in Central Florida is due to the shortage of providers, resources and safety-net services and has compounded a situation which has been steadily spinning out of control.

Local health clinics are operating at capacity, making it difficult to get an appointment, or have closed down maternity departments. Private OB physicians don’t accept certain health insurance plans, refuse uninsured patients or women advanced in their second or third trimester of pregnancy.

The continual barriers that pregnant women face are once again impacting their health and the health of their unborn babies thus increasing health care costs and unnecassry pain and suffering on women and families.


  • The health care cost of caring for a preterm or low-birth weight infant in its first year of life is estimated to be about $51,600 versus a full-term infant at $2,830.00 (according to March of Dimes)
  •  Three to four times as many African American women are harmed or die during pregnancy and birth as European American women in the USA. 


Does the JJ Way® Easy Access Clinic really make a difference?

ABSOLUTELY! The JJ Way® Easy Access Prenatal Clinic is proactive in its approach to the necessary systematic change needed in health care delivery in the USA. It has acheived the  Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s ‘Triple Aim’ of improving the individual experience of care; improving the health of populations; and reducing the per capita costs of care for populations, but most importantly it has erradicated the persistent racial disparity in birth outcomes experienced by women of color.

A 2007 study conducted by the Winter Park Health Foundation and the Health Council of East Central Florida on 100 women receiving care revealed that there were no low birth weight or premature infants born to African American or Latina women who participated in the Easy Access program.

percent preterm
Pre-Term Birth 2007 outcome comparison for Easy Access patients vs Orange County and Florida
percent low birth weight
Low Birth Weight Birth 2007 outcome comparison for Easy Access patients vs Orange County and Florida



















Jennie Joseph, Executive Director explains the impact of the Easy Access program during an Issue Briefing in Washington DC, April 2009