The JJ Way® Maternal Child Health (MCH) Specialist Program

belly right sizewhiteThere is an urgent need for health navigators who are aware and apprised of the obstacles that are decreasing the odds for a healthy outcome. MCH Specialists are able to bridge that gap because they are committed to supporting patient-centered and patient-driven care and to providing the tools to support such change in their local and regional perinatal arenas.

  • Health Navigators
  • Doulas
  • Community Health Workers
  • Midwives
  • Outreach Personnel
  • Nurses
  • Home Visitors
  • Lactation Educators
  • Care Coordinators
  • Physicians.
  • Childbirth Educators

The Maternal Child Health Specialists (MCHS) familiarizes him or herself to become fully able to negotiate and navigate the perinatal landscape, be available to advocate on behalf of the client if needed, create and encourage linkages and collaborations, and be able to provide either a virtual or actual ‘perinatal safe spot’ for their area.

  • ACCESS to perinatal education and navigation for paraprofessionals and professionals alike;
  • Creates CONNECTIONS between clients, staff, agencies and community;
  • Increases KNOWLEDGE about the devastating impact of health disparities;
  • And EMPOWERS providers to excel in their service delivery by increasing job satisfaction and encouraging leadership.

The four tenets of The JJ Way® can be applied to the providers who constitute the perinatal care team and who typically are equally at a loss as to how to help themselves and their clients navigate and negotiate through the perinatal maze. The MCH Specialist adapts the JJ Way® information according to their geographical, social, political and environmental situation and facilitates individualized perinatal planning for their clients.

The MCH specialist training and certification can be achieved in a one-­day (8 hour) educational session. Class is limited to 30 registrants per day. Each participant will be provided with and trained on how to use the Perinatal Toolkit, which is developed to provide hands‐on tools, both on paper as well as virtually through the EmpowEHR™ virtual health network, to assist clients across the spectrum.

An MCH Specialist can operate in their own right, independently or as part of an agency, team or task force. He/she will be fully equipped to support one or more individual woman throughout the childbearing year through mentoring, advising and sharing resources, providing referrals,and promoting the use of educational and decision-making tools. For more information or to register click here