Jennie Joseph, Executive Director of Commonsense Childbirth Inc. and British–trained midwife now living and working in Florida has developed a model of maternity care The JJWay® that has greatly reduced the disparities in her practice.

Above Jennie explains the impact of the The JJWay® program during a Congressional briefing on Capitol Hill Washington DC.

The JJ Way® is a promising model that is showing much improved pregnancy outcomes in an at-risk population. In 2011 Commonsense Childbirth serviced 507 high-risk women and collected birth outcome data on 280 patients who attended the ‘Easy Access’ prenatal clinic and delivered at the hospital. Only 1.75% or 5 had a preterm baby. The Florida preterm rate hovers around 14% and up to 18% for African American women. In real terms, 34 Easy Access babies made it to full-term that would otherwise have not, saving immediate and long term costs of around $1.7m. Disparities in perinatal health persist despite the national Healthy People objectives which called for the elimination of all disparities by the year 2010. Sadly, the complexities of this situation continue as statistics have stayed the same or worse yet, increased!