Community Outreach Perinatal (COPE)

COPE – The JJ Way® education provides ACCESS to perinatal training for paraprofessionals and professionals alike; creates CONNECTIONS between clients, staff, agencies and community; increases KNOWLEDGE to impact and improved health on disparities; and EMPOWERS providers to excel in their service delivery by increasing job satisfaction and encouraging leadership. We are proud to offer the Certified Perinatal Educator (CPE) for graduates of the COPE program. This 48 hour comprehensive training provides paraprofessionals, peer outreach workers, family support workers, nurse home visitors and ‘resource mothers’ with basic perinatal skills encompassing doula, childbirth education and lactation education. On completion of this series the employee is certified and able to deliver and/or host childbirth education in the home and community setting. Agencies are able to bill for educational units according to their individual state or federal guidelines. CPE’s are eligible to move to higher levels of education in the perinatal arena based on this foundational training.

Training – Full COPE 48 Hours    COPE brochure 2014

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Click here for the COPE Outline  A culturally sensitive curriculum that includes comprehensive training and certification in community-based Doula, Childbirth Education and Breastfeeding Education. Curriculum includes teaching tools and resources as well as access to the EmpowEHR™ virtual health network to aid in patient management and care coordination. At the end of this educational program, participants will have become proficient and competent, with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide: •Comprehensive community based perinatal education •Support for pregnant women and families during early and late pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period •Breastfeeding education and support, as well as early recognition and intervention of breastfeeding problems and barriers, and ways to increase retention Click to view our COPE Training and Evaluation Summary

Certification Options

•FULL COPE participants who complete the required 48 classroom hours and pass the written and skills test will be designated as Certified Perinatal Educator (CPE). •Breastfeeding COPE who complete the required 24 classroom hours and pass the written and skills test will be designated as a Certified Community Based Lactation Educator (CBLE).  Minimum # of participants is 10 per Full COPE class, discounts available for agencies sending over 10 participants

Breastfeeding COPE  (24 hours)

Click here for breastfeeding outline and objectives Minimum # of participants is 10 per COPE Breastfeeding class, discounts available for agencies sending over 10 participants Additional site evaluation and technical support is available and encouraged. Fees vary on number of sites and scope of need. We have worked with various levels of budgets. With our expert knowledge in the perinatal field and working with reduction of maternal disparities we can adjust or create a program specific to your need.

Training Locations

On-Site at your location, or at our sunny Orlando, Florida, site.