Sneaking in Education

This summer Every Mother Counts extended a new $127,400 grant to Commonsense Childbirth, expanding Jennie’s innovative education model to more women.  Women who do not receive adequate prenatal care are three to four times more likely to die than women who do. Through this grant, 300 women will be able to get the recommended number of prenatal care visits and prenatal education on nutrition, healthy pregnancy, breastfeeding, and newborn care.…

Community Outreach Perinatal (COPE)

COPE – The JJ Way® education provides ACCESS to perinatal training for paraprofessionals and professionals alike; creates CONNECTIONS between clients, staff, agencies and community; increases KNOWLEDGE to impact and improved health on disparities; and EMPOWERS providers to excel in their service delivery by increasing job satisfaction and encouraging leadership. We are proud to offer

The JJ Way® Maternal Child Health (MCH) Specialist Program

There is an urgent need for health navigators who are aware and apprised of the obstacles that are decreasing the odds for a healthy outcome. MCH Specialists are able to bridge that gap because they are committed to supporting patient-centered and patient-driven care and to providing the tools to support such change in their local and regional perinatal arenas.