Birth Center in Orlando provides Easy Access for Child Birth and Maternity Care

How is it that a small Orlando birthing center The Birth Place is able to offer real, easy access to its healthcare and facilities with limited funding and practically a non existent budget and still produce unbelievable results and statistics?  And when I say real access I mean no insurance, no documentation, no money, no nothing!  Normally any of the above would mean you wouldn’t even get past reception, hence even those with knowledge of such places tend to stay away already aware that treatment is way out of their reach.  Jennie Joseph founder of The Birth Place says “We will see all women regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation or the ability to pay providing full new patient exams, repeat prenatal visits and post-partum care as needed. If you can present then we will see you”

Jennie is what I would call a super midwife pioneering her own revolutionary proven system the JJ Way® bringing babies to full term and creating a healthy outcome which year on year produces nearly a one hundred percent success rate.

Jennie says ” We started with the fundamental premise that every woman wants a healthy baby and every woman deserves one. When a woman sees that you firmly believe that, she too is motivated to do the best she can for herself and her baby“.

Arrive at The Birth Place and you will be seen, and with a step by step process cleverly implemented these women seem to have all their needs catered for, there’s even on-site help with insurance paperwork, medicaid and the various forms that need to be filled in. And with their new technology EmpowEHR™ patients can now access their forms online before their arrival which is already proving to dramatically reduce waiting times at the center.

Having been to the Birth Place birthing center to see for myself how they do things differently it struck me almost instantly that this is just basic commonsense with normal loving care given without prejudice, surely this should be the norm everywhere anyway? And if it creates these sorts of results ( proven results! ) why on earth is this process not being implemented across the board?

And for those of you who might think that to produce this kind of success costs ridiculous amounts of money I would like to point out that this birth center is a non profit organisation run on limited donations and what appears to be a budget of next to nothing!