Sneaking in Education

This summer Every Mother Counts extended a new $127,400 grant to Commonsense Childbirth, expanding Jennie’s innovative education model to more women.  Women who do not receive adequate prenatal care are three to four times more likely to die than women who do. Through this grant, 300 women will be able to get the recommended number of prenatal care visits and prenatal education on nutrition, healthy pregnancy, breastfeeding, and newborn care.…

New EmpowEHR™ developments reach out to support Childbirth Professionals

Childbirth Pro is the latest product development from EmpowEHR™, the clinical system which is now in place at Jennie Joseph’s birthing center, The Birth Place and will soon be available to serve the growing number of Childbirth Professionals. Childbirth Pro will function like an electronic health record specialized to meet the needs of the childbirth educators, doulas and lactation professionals.

Midwife Jennie Joseph on Race, Power, and Changing Birth in America

Interview and post May 5, 2014 by Sheryl Rivett. Childbirth and Feminism aren’t words that are often paired together in the same sentence. The focus for most feminist movements is on the decision whether to have a not, and whether a woman has full agency in the decision when deciding not to carry a pregnancy to full-term. But what about the women who decide to have a child? Where do you find feminism…

Jennie Joseph enlists the help of British system designer to develop a dedicated logistical obstetric EHR with tools to deliver safe, evidence-based patient-centered care.

Frustrated with her current EHR system and with the drive and inspiration to improve perinatal outcomes, Jennie Joseph, CEO of the Birth Center and Founder of the Commonsense Childbirth Organisation, enlisted the help of British system designer Peter Davies to develop EmpowEHR™, a dedicated logistical obstetric EHR with tools to deliver safe, evidence-based patient-centered care and optimal functionality for a busy midwife in practice.

The Problem, the Solution, and the Woman Who Finds Solutions – Midwife Jennie Joseph

The Incredible Jennie Joseph! Everyday, 1000 women die from complications caused by childbirth or pregnancy. Christy Turlington Burns founder of Every Mother Counts, shares the story of Jennie Joseph, a midwife whose dedication to providing quality care is changing the lives of pregnant women in her community. 

Listen to Jennie talk about ACCESS at The Birth Place

From the moment a pregnant woman enters the clinic, a team member greets her warmly. This immediate connection is a simple but critical part of the accessibility of the practice. No one is turned away, and this reputation in the community makes it easier for women to take the first step of entering the clinic. Once there, she has access to the entire staff team for questions, support and medical…

Being there for birth: Local group to offer workshops, speakers on healthy birthing practices

By Molly Miron on May 3, 2014 BEMIDJI — Expectant mothers look forward to baby’s arrival with excitement and hope for a beautiful beginning of a life. And although complications may ensue that require emergency medical intervention, such as a caesarian section, members of Mewinzha Ondaadiziike Wiigaming (Long ago women birth in lodge, home or building) believe that the more natural the birth, the better for everyone.

Jennie Joseph gives Congressional briefing on Capitol Hill

Jennie Joseph has built up a reputation across the United States and has given numerous presentations, including a Congressional briefing on Capitol Hill, in order to discuss the statistical data as well as describe practical solutions to improving birth outcomes. Jennie is a regular presenter at maternal child health conferences and organizations; she has a leadership position amongst US and international midwives movements and is a subject matter expert on racial…

Community Outreach Perinatal (COPE)

COPE – The JJ Way® education provides ACCESS to perinatal training for paraprofessionals and professionals alike; creates CONNECTIONS between clients, staff, agencies and community; increases KNOWLEDGE to impact and improved health on disparities; and EMPOWERS providers to excel in their service delivery by increasing job satisfaction and encouraging leadership. We are proud to offer