Finally a NEW approach to maternal health and wellness….

…an approach that provides Access, Connections, Knowledge and Empowerment to all women as a means to optimal health. Our ultimate goal is that ALL women have healthcare answers that they can understand. We support and encourage system changes that embrace this NEW patient-centered, woman-centered approach and we provide information and training regarding such changes.

Commonsense childbirth – an idea whose time has come!

Founder Jennie Joseph is building a network of support to transform maternity care in the USA.  Be a part of the change, be a part of the movement – stand for mothers and babies right now. Your participation is critical. Thank you !

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The Problem, the Solution, and the Woman Who Finds Solutions

The Incredible Jennie Joseph! Everyday, 1000 women die from complications caused by childbirth or pregnancy. Christy Turlington Burns founder of, Every Mother Counts, shares the story of Jennie Joseph, a midwife whose dedication to providing quality care is changing the… Read More

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Listen to Jennie talk about ACCESS at The Birth Place

From the moment a pregnant woman enters the clinic, a team member greets her warmly. This immediate connection is a simple but critical part of the accessibility of the practice. No one is turned away, and this reputation… Read More

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